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April 14, 2016


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Oh no! Does he really take 15 years from me whilst I create his face & beard!?!? Sounds like an ungrateful little bugger. ;D Thanks for the freebie, looks delightful! Loving your new book by the way!

Rebecca Danger

Amber: Ooops. Switched that. It only FEELS like 15 years. Although not really, these are quick to make!




Thank you

mrs robinson

Love these! One of my little boy's first words was gnome, oddly, and since then we have embraced the gnomes. I must make him one of these delights - thank you!

Laura Winchester

Hiya, love the pattern, it's soooo cute! But I've knitted up to row 45 and think there's an error. Row 46 has you decreasing by 4 stitches but stitch numbers go from 40 to 32, so 6 stitches. Am I mis-reading the pattern?

Judy G

My comment echoes the one posted by Laura Winchester. There is an error in R46 in the body. The number of stitches should be 36 not 32. Therefore the rest of the rows are off.
Also in R30 of the beard there is an error. R30 stitch count shows 36 stitches, but in fact there are only 30 stitches as per R29. I K6, then cast off 18 (not 24) and the K6.
Finally for the sake of clarity it should indicate that a Turkish cast on is required in the very first line -- "Using A, CO 52 sts", using Turkish cast on. It's not until you get to R1 that Turkish cast on is mentioned. (I know we should all read the whole pattern first, but do we?)

Judy G

sorry I should have said, I love the pattern in my comment above. I have made many of your patterns and own some of your books. I knit the gnome with a flat base using double points so that he would stand up.

Rebecca Danger

Laura and Judy-

Oops again. I fixed everything I saw in the pattern, I am really sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know though!

So as of April 30th 2016 at 3:45pm the pattern is correct. If you downloaded it before that, try the new link.

Sorry again guys!

Laura Winchester

Fab thanks Rebecca. Will download the new pattern. I muddled my way through the end of the hat anyway, and have made two now. They are proving very popular with my friends, so I may end up making a whole army of gnomes!


Thank you for these adorable gnomes.


I love these little gnomes, can any of you very clever knitters alter it so I could make it as a tea cosy for my pot?? It would look cute! :o)

s m

How do I get this pattern of the gnomes?

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