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April 08, 2015


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I am so glad that my comment helped!

Decluttering is a challenging (but great at the same time) activity and I think we really have to keep practicing it until it becomes a change in the way we think. Despite getting our place in a good area before our baby girl arrived late last year, it definitely needs another rough of decluttering because the stuff just never stops (especially with a new baby that people love to shower with generous gifts). But I do know I'm in a better place with it than I would've been if I hadn't started a year ago. I know you are going to continue feeling so much better as you work through. Thanks so much for sharing!

One note about the books and magazines - do you use Evernote at all? I find it helpful to scan or photograph my favorite patterns to keep in Evernote. This allows me to store the physical item somewhere else that doesn't need to be accessed regularly and also gives me great searching and portability options. I still keep some of my books out on my bookshelf (like your pattern book!) but I don't need to keep tons of magazines around and spend a ton of time searching through them for the one pattern I'm looking for.

Renee Anne

Getting rid of things is hard for anyone except the most disciplined minimalist. I'm getting better about it. I went through my knitting books and magazines a couple weeks ago and I've sold a couple of them via Ravelry but I have a feeling that many of them are going to go Goodwill or something like that. My yarn was a bit more difficult...but I've got at least a bin and a half's worth of yarn to go away. That still leaves something like six or seven bins of yarn and three or four of fiber. Oops.

I'm also doing things like getting rid of clothes that don't fit properly, kitchen stuff we don't use...the usual. It's a constant work in progress.

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