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May 03, 2013


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One of good friends is having a baby soon and I will definitely be making some monsters. They're just too cute!


I love the monster chair for my room, but I'm sure someone I know will have little ones soon to give such amazing gifts to.


A good friends daughter is having a baby this fall and I know she will really appreciate a hand knit item or two.

Heather DeFilippis

I would knit from the Monster Nursery for my son, Tristan. He turned 2 in February and seems to love all knitted things.

However, there are also a lot of babies coming into the world around me. A friend of my husband's is having a second baby soon and I think I could make some of these monster goodies for both the new baby and her first (he's about 18 months old).

My aunt and uncle are also having a baby this year, though we don't know what it is yet. Monsters are good for either gender, though. :)


I don't have any little ones to knit for at the moment so I would knit some of the cute monsters for myself. And sooner or later a friend will have a baby or grandbaby, and I'll be all set to knit for them.


Hi Rebecca!
Thanks for such fun patterns. Although I have no kiddos of my own, I've knit plenty for others. I did a Presley Cash for a baby in Florida, and one of my co-workers is expecting this summer, so am looking forward to more mostery-ness!



While I know my brother and sister in law are trying for a baby, there are so many patterns in the book I'd like to make for myself! For practice, ya know? So that when a baby is on the way I've got it down.

Leslie Ehrlich

I have been madly stitching for the newest addition to the family....my grandson Mr. Jack!! :) Would love to try my hand at some of your whimsical creatures!


What adorable monster patterns! I will be knitting the monster blanket for a new mom to be and for my new granddaughter, now 3 months old. Of course, my new granddaughter will also get a hat, a burp monster, probably the chair...they are all so cute. Thanks for the great patterns!

Gale Longley

My granddaughter just got a new bedroom so she needs, some new monster's are on her list.

Vicky W

I just love your Monster patterns. I would be knitting for all my grandchildren if I had this book! Last year our knitting guild knitted a lot of monsters for our charity and it was so much fun to see all the creativness, including many of your patterns. Thank you so much for the free patterns. They will be put to use soon.

Robin D

I love the monsters. I have a new granddaughter and a new niece or nephew expected this summer.
Thanks for the free patterns and the chance to win


I'm in that phase of life where ALL of my friends are having babies and everyone keeps asking me when I'll be having one! Yikes! I love all of the toys but my special favorite is the mobile. I want to make the Monster Face hat too!


Thank you for the wonderful patterns to knit. I do not have any kids of my own but love to knit for my church kids and for charities.


I'd be knitting for my youngest two, a two week old and his older brother (he turned two today!) I've knit several monsters from the Big Book for their older siblings so it's only fair that they get their turn. :-)


My hair stylest and my sons best friend is having a precious girl, Hazel, in July. I am super excited. I made her a beautiful quilt and these monsters would be a super addition. I have never won anything. Maybe this will be my lucky time. A girl can always hope :). Your monsters are adorable!


I'd be knitting for my wonderful friends! My bestie just had another cute little girl, Taylor. Another friend is expecting in June. I love your patterns! I've made the monkey a couple times. I've done bunny nuggets and monster chunks for my helpers at school. They loved them!


wow adorbs!

I have a lot of college friends who seem to be popping out babies left and right...and I've gotten bored with the baby hats. I will definitely be making that burp rag for quite a few baby showers!


Love these, thank you!!! I just had a little guy so I will be knitting for me!!


My mom found this book somewhere in a local store, but she was short on cash and couldn't buy it. She love, love, loved the little monster sweater, and the blanket. She just thought they were super cute. My little brother just had a baby, the first grandchild for my mom. He was just born in December. I hope I win, so I can give it to her for Mother's Day, or her birthday, or just for fun.
Thank you!


I love your patterns! I have friends expecting their first baby in August and I've been busy knitting and crocheting for them. Thanks for offering the free patterns I love the burb monster.

Kathie Rinehart

This book looks adorable!! My daughter is expecting a boy this July, and boys NEED monsters, right??! Definitely going to start with the burp cloth and wash cloths for shower gifts...and then I think the sweater and the wipes case cover.... ;-)


a dear friend of mine is due in the fall and on bedrest until then as she is a highrisk pregnancy-- both her and I love your designs, and I know she would love anything knit from this book that I could give her! ♥ thanks for such a great offer


My baby is almost one and too old to start the whole nursery shebang, but I'd probably still make him a monster blankey or the little guys on the mobile. I also think he'd love the pillows; he's almost old enough to sleep with one at night, now. :)


I'll be knitting for my 2-year-old granddaughter, the youngest in our family. Unless another baby comes along!

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