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May 03, 2013


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I am going to make the burp cloth for my friend who just had a little baby! She lives in another country so we don't get to see each other, but I LOVE seeing pictures of the little tyke on Facebook, and she would love some monster love for her little man!

Stitched Together

I would knit for my premature nephew who I have yet to meet because aunties are not allowed in SCBU. I would send in monster knits as my representative


These are just too cute. I have been knitting for my new nephew Jack who will be 1 month old on the 9th of May.

Angie S.

I have two tots in my house that love the little monsters that I have made, so of course, I would knit for them.

Clare Argent

My goodness. I can't believe Presley is Two. He is gorgeous. I have so loved seeing his photos during the first year. Enjoy these special times. I would make a monster or two for my two little monsters Buddy and Dexter (5 and 2.5yrs). They already have a monster from one of your sewing patterns and they have been well and truly loved since Christmas! Thank you for your patterns and for the free ones too. Clare x


If I won a copy of Monster Nursery, I would be knitting for both of my adorable boys (ages 7 and 2), but of course I might just need to make a monster for myself as well. I am also hoping to knit monsters for nieces and nephews for Christmas and would love to have a few more to pick from!


My grandchildren love your monsters...And a Happy Birthday to Master P.

Kari Bailey

I would knit things for myself, although my baby days are gone, but I am always having friends who have babies, and they have friends who have babies...it's like a never-ending cycle. Cool book!


One of my friends had a baby in December (3 months premature!) while visiting her husbsnd's family in North Carolina. (They live in the Midwest) Needless to say, they were stuck in north Carolina for over a month before they were able to bring the little one home. He's home, happy, and healthy now!

I have also made some of your monster patterns for a charity in my area called Scotty's House (for abused children).


Most my toys I knit go to needy kids in third would countries..Bless them...


I have an, almost, 2 year old Walter to knit for and lots of other friends are having babies one after the other. Tons of monsters! :)


I would knit for my very good friend Krystina, who is about 6 months along :)


I would knit for my two kids, my son is 2.5 and my daughter is 7 months old. They will soon be sharing a room, so it would be fun to decorate it with something they could both enjoy!


I'm knitting for my first grand baby!! The family has all decided to pitch in and make a pile of wash cloths, if I don't win, I'm gonna buy this fab book cus my grand baby needs a monster nursery :)


I no not have any babies in my life right now but I like to have something on hand, just in case. I would start with the booties.

Camille Lane

All your patterns are so adorable Rebecca!! :O)


I'll be knitting for a new grandma :-) Her first grandchild is on the way and she'll need plenty of cute softies at her house.


Just love the pic of your son. How grown up he looks at 2. I have a 3 year old and he loves any "pets" I make for him. He has two of your Dino's and a robot. We are working on the monsters too! Thanks for creating such lovely and fun patterns!


I would knit for my 6 month old niece who is a little peanut. :) Her name is Harriet and her current likes are peekaboo, mirrors, going on walks, rolling a ball/playing catch, and milk.

Carmen N

I love the monster booties!

Lindsay Turtle

OMG OMG OMG! I literally just discovered your awesome monsters this afternoon and was oogling all the patterns and I even, swear to god, have a window open on my laptop right now for a Chapters location near my house that has a copy of your Monster Nursery book in stock. And now a giveaway! I feel like today is my lucky day.

Lindsay Turtle

I forgot to say who I'm knitting for! I don't know them very well yet - just arrived in my uterus about . . . . 13 weeks ago! But I am gonna knit so much AWESOME for this new person.

Melyssa H.

I would knit a Monster Nursery for my son, Carson who is 2 months old on Wednesday:) Or maybe some of the items as gifts for my many expecting friends to add some Monster style to their baby's nursery!

Susie in Minnesota

I just got invited to a baby shower for my friend -- perfect timing!

Deb Osborn

I'll be knitting some of the items for a local charity that helps women who are homeless with infants and toddlers.

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