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August 15, 2012


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The owl project box bag is amazing! Or the hello kitty project bags.


I love the french romance print bag, but your monster one is definitely my favorite!


Gotta love the cassettes.

Suzanne H.

I absolutely love the light blue sock monkey fabric on the small boxy bag. It would be a great addition to my sock monkey accessoriesfrom Slipped Stitch Studios


I love the French Romance Print box bag.


I loveeeeee the monsters bag!! i hope she makes more, i also love the owl bag, grey skull bag, spotted owl bag!!!


I love your Monster bag best :-)
The sock monkey's are cute too and I adore the little triangle bag, what a fantastic idea!

Michelle Martino

LOVE those cute sheep!


while my true love is your monster bag- that's just super awesome- I've loved the grey boneheads fabric since the very moment you showed a swatch of the fabric on your blog. I have a pouch & matching key chain in the grey boneheads, I get compliments every time I pull it out (use it as my wallet so I get to enjoy it all the time) so how great to have a matched set. I love your style, decorating, and designing sense. thanks for the giveaway and the link to the shop- a triangle bag may be on its way to me very very soon!


These bags are lovely but I have to pick the knitting pouch in my favorite colors red and black, with needles and yarn balls. how can one go wrong?


Besides your bag, which I am in LOVE with, I enjoy the box bag with the owl fabric. Gotta love those adorable owls. :)

Melyssa H.

Wow, there's lots to love on her site!! Hard to choose, but I'm a little obsessed with owls, so I have to go with the grey spotted owls large boxy bag! Thanks for this great opportunity!


Love the pink & grey jungle print. That one wasn't there the last time I browsed her shop!


Impossible to say which bag I like the most I like them all!!!!


Ooohh, I love the box bag in the owls fabric!


So many to love.... I like the knitting notions pouch and the knitty boxy pouch in owl print is fabulous too.


I love the London bag!


Gorgeous bags. My favourite is the small boxy bag in the spotted owl fabric.


I'm so there with you on the robots - they're pretty ridiculous cute!

Mary T

I can't decide between the cute sheep or the colorful kitties :)


Love the robot fabric - just finished knitting a robot!!


Love the robot fabric - just finished knitting a robot!!

Tami Joseph

SOCK MONKEY!!! The red zipper! Love, love, love it!


Gah! Its so hard to pick. I think my favourite bag is the Turquoise Honey Bee hive knitting notions/pencil case bag. I do have a thing for turquoise AND bees (and honey!)... perfect! lovely contest and I LOVE the monster bag thats on offer here... SO AWESOME!!!


The daisy print knitting notions bag gets my vote.

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