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July 17, 2012


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Suzanne Shattuck

I like to use the knitted cast on. That is the first one I learned so I guess I'm a little stuck on it.

Anne Marie

Cable cast on is my go-to. Rav amchart


I'm a long-tail lover. It's so fast!


Cool giveaway! I saw this book at the bookstore and am totally wanting to get it. My favorite cast on is long-tail, I think it makes a nice edge, especially for in-the-round things. My preferred bind-off is to bind off in 1x1 ribbing so that the "chain" is exactly center and isn't off to one side or the other. :D


I do cable cast on, but open to learning other methods.


I only know the cable cast on. So, i want to learn other ways.



okay, it is usually long tail! but i would like to add to my repertoire.


Long tail


I'm a big fan of Judy's Magic Cast-on (paired with Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off)


Long tail is all I can do, but I just got a pattern that requires a more exotic method. Would love to win this book to expand my horizons. Thanks for the chance.


I really like the twisted german cast on for socks.


I'm loyal to long tail. But after almost 6 years of knitting I've discovered cable cast on - not bad. It's no long tail, though ;)

Susan C.

I have to say cable cast on and long tail are the two I use the most.


I generally use the knitted cast on b/c I don't have to figure out how long the tail should be. I'm getting pretty good at the provisional cast on, too, when needed. I would love to get my hands on this book so I could broaden my repertoire!


I almost always use a long-tail cast on. After learning a cable cast on recently, I plan to experiment a little more often. I use a k2tog bind off, but I'm not sure if that's what it's called. See? I need this book. :)


I use cable cast on, because I can never estimate the correct length for long tail.


I use long tail cast on whenever I can but the application always determines what method I use, i.e. for toe-up socks, it's Judy's Magic Cast On; for cuff down, it's German Twisted Cast On. Bind offs are treated equally. :) I would LOVE to win this book!


I am pretty much a strictly long tail girl. I would LOVE to learn more invisible methods for both casting on and binding off : )

Angela Bellamy

I really only use the long tail cast on but have tried cable cast on for arms of toys, can honestly say I sucked at it lol!


I use the long tail cast on, but have discovered that I like a stretchy bind off, depending on what I am knitting, and then I use Jeny's Stretchy Bind off. It's been great for the blanket squares I am knitting.


I always use a long tail cast on and a stretchy bind off


I almost exclusively use the long-tail cast-on, but I've been finding it doesn't always suit my needs. I've been on the lookout for new techniques to try. :)


I love to do 3-needle bind-offs. They're so easy and they have seamless results!


I too use primarily long tail and would love to learn more ways to cast on and bind off.


thank you for the chance to win. to answer your question i pretty much the only cast on i ever use is the cable cast on that my mom taught me. as for Canadians looking for this book got to amazon.ca and it's $14.40 Canadian.

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