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May 01, 2012


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Oh, thank you for the embroidery tutorial! I am rubbish at it, which is why I like making monsters with felt teeth. ;-) Your Basil looks extremely pleased with himself!


What a great blog post! The whole KAL has been super, but I am so grateful for this tutorial. All of my toy patterns end with some version of "Embroider face" in the directions and that's it. This has resulted in some incredibly wonky stuffed animal expressions. Can't wait to try your tips on my own dino soon. I just may have to perform "face lifts" on his predecessors, too. Thank you!!


You may find that you remember your 3 days of labor every year at this time. I had 30 hours of induced labor with my son and I still notice the time I started and periodically think during about how long it was during those two days and he just turned 13 this year. Enjoy your boy when he is little because it really does go fast. As hard as it is now at least he doesn't argue with you. :)

Anne G

Thanks so much for the detailed KAL. I'm knitting my first monster, Bea, and this will be a great reference when I stuff and put the finishing touches on her.


I haven't been KALing, but have been reading along. This is wonderful. I've made a few monsters now, and learn with each one - this tutorial gives me so much more confidence for my next project!


Do you have any tips for sewing on yarn eyes instead of the plastic ones? I've made a few gifts for new babies, but they all look angry because my eyes are bad. Help me make happy toys!

Rebecca Danger

Hey MicheleB-

You are going to want to use the "grid" of the knit, as I mentioned above to make a circle for the eye. Using these same techniques above, I generally start across about 2 sts, move out to across 4 sts by the middle, then back to 2 by the end. Make sense?


Thanks. I'll have to give it a try. I have a soft green turtle who likes like he's in need of an attitude adjustment.


I'm still trying to learn to knit on DPNs. It really is like trying to arm wrestle an octopus. Maybe it's because I'm using size 2 DPNs. But I have this really pretty yarn. It's the Felici Fingering Self Striping Sock Yarn in Rainbow from KnitPicks. Wish me luck!

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