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May 16, 2012


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First, and most importantly, they have a yarned called Bad Ass Unicorn? It must be mine.

Secondly, while I've never knit at an *official* circus, I have four chldren (11, 5, 2, and 1 month) and knitting at home is always in a circus! :)


I've never knit at the circus, but I have knit while 50 of my relatives on my dad's side were congregating in my Grandmother's living room. It was a mad house!
The yarn is sooo gorgeous! Thanks for offering this giveaway!


I haven't been to a circus since I learned how to knit, but I can't help but feel like I am knitting through a circus while trying to finish last minute knitted gifts at Christmas every year.


I've never knit at the circus. When my 7 and 5 year-old boys play, it's a lot like the circus, especially when their best friends are involved. It's when I do most of my knitting, so I think I could handle knitting at a circus.


I haven't been to a circus since childhood and am actually pretty averse to any that "employ" animals, for how they are treated... I suppose if I had to sit through one, I might attempt to knit up some device to assist the animals in escaping. Must brainstorm this!


I've never knit at the circus, but I'd love to ride an elephant around the circus ring the way Reese Witherspoon did in Water for Elephants. I think it would be so fun to casually meander around the ring on a gentle giant while I happily knit away!

Angie S.

Oooh! I love all of the colors. I am a pink fan as well. The closest I have ever come to knitting at the circus would probably be my house with my 3-1/2 year old and my 2 year old. It is just amazing how fascinating my knitting is to them.

knitterlydesigns on Ravelry


If I lived at the circus I would knit sweaters for the animals; cables for the giraffe, a gansey for the elephant, definitely a fair isle for the lion, and possibly a giant tea cozy (because I just love a good tea cozy) for the entire tent, you know, for once the show is over for the evening.


Well, I've never knit at the circus but I've knit at the Fair! And like pretty much everywhere else I knit in public, I just get a lot of looks and a couple comments.

Jen Pester

I pretty much knit everywhere, but since I have never been to an actual circus, I have not knit at one. I have knit in my chaotic places though, the one that seems most circus like to me is a busy hair salon on a Saturday morning. It is a good way to spend time while I wait for the dye on my hair to process, but between all the scissors, dye, and hair in the place it feels very wild and dangerous to me.


I've never knit at the circus, but I DID knit through the entirety of my college graduation this week. Pretty close to a circus in that I was in a tent, people were wearing weird outfits, and at least two dogs walked across the stage with their owners when they got their diplomas (not service dogs, just pets)!


I have never been to a circus, let alone knit at one. However, I think I would like to knit a circus...elephant, clowns, trapeze artists. That could be fun!


I love the yarn color names: Ogre Bogies, Bad Ass Unicorn, Troll Bridge...so much fun!

I have never been to a circus! But I did read Water For Elephants, which is about a traveling circus, while knitting!

Thanks for the generous giveaway :)


I would like to knit a red scarf at The Night Circus. Just finished this book by Erin Morgenstern and was enchanted.


I did take my daughter to the circus a little while ago, didn't think to take my knitting, though. It would have been a great environment for knitting...not too dark, comfortable seats, kids occupied watching the show, and snacks at your side.

Shea Sundstøl

I've not knit at the circus, but I have knit while watching wildlife programs on TV, does that count? And while watching a program about Uzbek acrobatics.


I've never knit at a circus(or been to one!) but I think the environment most like a circus is probably a wrestling tournament 3 of my 5 brothers wrestle, and wrestling tournaments are super loud, with people acting all crazy, and it starts smelling like animals :)


I've never knit at the circus, I'd not want to miss a thing. I'm still a kid that way. I remember wishing I had 3 eyes so I could watch all three rings at once. But I did recently find a crochet pamphlet from the 1950s - based on the movie The Greatest Show On Earth - with patterns for Dorothy Lamour as the South Seas Dancer and Betty Hutton as the Trapeze Artist. How cool is that!?!? There are pics on the 3/23/2012 post of my blog.

Meanwhile, back on the ground, I LOVE TROLL BRIDGE!


I have not knit at a circus but I come from a large family and I have knit through a lot of big events such as I knit at one of my sister's rehearsal dinner the night before she got married. Then I knit at another sister's house when she was having a tea party for 50 women.

Lauren Davison

Oh my heavens. Those new colors for the Happily Ever After line!? LOVE! I feel like every day in my house is a circus for me and my two girls (2 1/2 and 1 year old). Phew! So whenever I get a chance to knit I'm knitting in a circus! :)


My flying trapeze days and my knitting days didn't overlap. Those classes were great fun. And to Brooke, in the first comment, if you're ever in the Bay area (California)check out the circus center (pickle family's new incarnation)! While I can knit while distracted, the circus always sucks up my entire attention. Not even stockinette would work :)


I have never knit at the circus because my son is afraid of clowns but. . . I knit at football and baseball games. I knit at swim meets and in moving cars. If I'm sitting I'm knitting!


I have never actually knit at the circus but frequently take my knitting along to my kids play-dates, and sitting amongst a handful of 2 to 5 year olds can feel a bit like being in the middle of a circus not just an observer in the stands! And often it results in miscounted rows and stitches that means in the end you have to take out more than you accomplished in the first place! The colors are beautiful and I love the names, yarn often takes itself too seriously and I like when it lets loose a bit!


Those are some gorgeous yarns! I've never knit at the circus but our staff luncheon's are always productions and I knit at those. I've even stuffed a bunny nugget during a staff lunch. I got some looks that time. :D


Well, I have never knit at the circus but would say knitting on a New York City subway comes close :-) You have the crowds and the colorful characters too.

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