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May 16, 2012


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Oh my, how can you not love a yarn called Pickle Family Circus?!!!!! That's just too cool. And, Bad Ass Unicorn? What?!?!

I've never knit at the circus unless you count my house with a lot of kids running around...which I totally do, so I guess I knit at the "circus" all the time!


Well, I haven't knit at the circus (yet!) but I have knit at Disneyland a couple of times while waiting in line. Probably the closest place to a circus that I've knit at, It's a fun place to be knitting and I got quite a few interesting looks. LOL


Can't say that I have ever knit at an actual circus but I think knitting in line at Walmart counts...lol. One time I swear I had at least five people stop in the isle and watch me knitting away at a sock. I had to bite my tongue hard when someone actually had the nerve to say I should not be allowed to walk around with all those sharp sticks while she had one child in only a diaper jumping in the cart and another riding in the bottom in only a T-shirt and underwear. Most definitely as close to a circus as you can get. Should also say those yarns are beautiful and I absolutely love the names, I am a sucker for clever unusual names for yarn.


Those colors are gorgeous! I would love to get some of those colors as paint for my very plain apartment. (I wonder. Does anyone know if they can match yarn colors to paint at the paint store? I'm not gonna lie. That would be amazing.)

Anyway, I digress. I have yet to knit at...or attend a circus. There aren't too many of those in southern Indiana. The weirdest place I have knit was in the car while I was getting my oil changed. I had a ten minute conversation with the oil covered attendant about dpns and what "in the world I was doing with those sticks!"

The closest I have come is knitting while watching Carnivàle on HBO. It was the tv show about a traveling circus set in the Great Depression. Not exactly a happy show, but there's always a tent in it! That counts, right??


I knit a lot at starbucks, and it's pretty bonkers there. One time I had some dingus "accidently" hit my table and spilled coffee all over my yarn and my sweater. I've had random people just sit at my table and talk to me, others just stare. It's fun but it takes a lot of work to just ignore everyone and get what I want done w hile I sip my coffee.

Shelley G.

I've never knit at the circus, but I have been seen knitting at the bar and in the law school. Both are circus environments. The bar for obvious reasons: the clowns and animals are the drunk people depending on their level of drunkness, the bouncers, and designated drivers are the animal tamers, and the bartenders are the ringmasters and stuntmen.

The law school...what can I say? The two descriptions that come to mind for it are "circus" and "high school on steroids." The law school fits a traditional definition of circus in that each class "travels" together through the three years, we're trained to behave in a certain way, to dress in a particular way (when in court), to speak in a particular way, to write in a particular way, etc. We're constantly performing - in class when we get 'cold called' by the professor, when we have to give formal oral arguments, when we give presentations in class. Law school is a traditional circus: there is the dramatic element (I've never seen more drama in my life), there are "oohs" and "ahhhs" when something clicks and you understand a concept, there are groans when it comes to finals, there is adrenaline from going to court for the first time, and the high from doing well on an assignment/final/in court/presentation. Law school is a circus.

Circus can also mean, "a large group of people travelling together on the circuit of a particular high-profile activity" (dictionary.com). All law students in the country have a shared experience. While the school and location are different, the experiences are vastly similar, simply because the ABA regulates the education. We are a large group of people traveling a circuit. Many lawyers are "high-profile." The President and first lady are. When people hear that you're a law student or a lawyer, they jump to conclusions about you, they scrutinize everything you say and do. Law school is a high-profile activity. Law school is a circus.


A situation resembling a circus, that I can do. I knit a good chunk of photosynthesis on a superbusy commuter train yesterday. The train got terminated early and there was a LOT of people running around.
I was quite proud there were no mistakes in the lace!


I have never knit at the circus, but I really love this yarn and all of the cool names! I would love to win.


Knitting at the circus...Can't say I've ever done that. As for circus-like environments, knitting can get pretty acrobatic when one of my cats is lying on my yarn and the other is pawing at my needles...
Hadn't heard of the Wool Dispensary before, but I'm really liking their colours!


I haven't knitted at an actual circus, but that does sound fun! The closest thing for me would probably be learning to knit (from a book) while my two boys (ages 3 and 2) are playing with their cousins (two boys, ages 4 and 7)...this entails removing every single toy from both toy boxes and playing with them all very loudly. So not quite a circus, but maybe around the same noise level?
The Wool Dispensary is awesome! What a great variety in colors!


Haven't knit at the circus but .... now I can spend today at work DREAMING of knitting at a circus! And since I knit at everything else (including midnight showings of Harry Potter) I am quite sure that next time I go to a circus, I will be knitting --- hopefully from a skein of this lovely yarn!


I've never knitted @ the circus. I've never even been to a circus. But I knit during the holidays @ large family get togethers and I imagine that is pretty similar to the circus :)


Well, I've never knit at a circus, since I haven't been to once since I was just a wee thing... the most circus-like place I've knit is a PodCamp. Its a day-"camp" about podcasting and social media, my darling husband dragged me along! Mind you, it was fun and entertaining, but everyone stared at "the knitting girl in the corner" for a lot of the day...


I haven't been to a circus since I started knitting but that doesn't mean that my knitting has not been a circus. Colorful balls of string strewn about my home drive my husband, and the cats!, crazy. :)

Anna Shetler Libby

the closest i have ever come to knitting at the circus is knitting at my parents' house at christmas time. all of my siblings come home with the spouses and other family members arrive and it seems like, suddenly, there are people everywhere! everyone wants to talk and hang out, and while it is a good time, no complicated patterns need apply!


I'm not really into the circus, but I love the names! What I really like is knitting in the great outdoors, in the fresh air, preferably by a lake. So relaxing!

Michele J.

Well, I haven't been knitting long enough to have ever knitted at the circus. But I have knitted while visiting our local zoo with my daughters. So that's sort of close...there were exotic animals and my wiggly little performers skipping & dancing around while we sat for a snack. Keeping my fingers crossed, because this yarn is beautiful!


I've never knit at the circus, but I have knit backstage during shows (plays, musicals, concerts, etc.) Sort of a circus like atmosphere back there!


Hmm....I knit everywhere! I don't go to the circus.....they are mean to the elephants and it makes me want to cry. However, I do knit at the airport....it's sort of like a circus;)


I love the theme for this contest.

I had general admission tickets to a Decemberists concert last summer, so I showed up super early to get a good spot and knitted for the hour or two while I waited. I believe I was working on Penelope the Empathetic Monster for my old college roommate's baby!


I haven't knit at the circus yet. But, I have knit at a local children's store when they've had open paint for kids 7 and under. 30 or so kids wielding paint brushes, an indoor slide, and lots of craziness make for a fun, but challenging knitting environment.

Katie B

I'm the kind of person who has to concentrate REALLY hard while she knits, so I try to avoid knitting at the circus! The last time we went to the circus there were all kinds of people being shot out of canons and riding motorcycles on tight ropes, so there's no way I could've knit.


The closest I have come to knitting at a circus was trying to knit at my 5 year old niece's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. I think it was more chaotic than the circus. :)

Amy Mason

Well, I don't really have much to say about circuses. The only one I have ever been to was Cirque du soleil, which is quite different. But I love this yarn!


Pretty pretty!! I haven't knit at a circus yet, but with a little one on the way I'm sure those days are numbered, and between the dog and the baby my house will certainly be turning into a circus soon!

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