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January 27, 2012


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tiny terrariums, snow globes, spice jars,and these puppies:

I totally undersand your obsession with them,they are so tiny and cute ^_^

have fun lucky duck!
(I'm 18 and am not planning on having kids any time soon, so i will have to wait awhile for a stash of jars)


I too have a small person (10 months old) who occasionally eats baby food, and I do mean occasionally. He'd rather eat people food :) And I have a hard time throwing them away because they ARE super cute and I have the same need to use them for organization of some sort. I feel for you!!!


Dude, I have an entire pintrest board dedicated to mason jars, which was started because I couldn't bear to throw out the baby food jars we've been accumulating! I made a menorah out of some of them for Hanukkah, but so far haven't done much else.

andrea kiss

I'm with you on this! And my fiance hates it! I'm always trying to keep jars of all sorts... salsa jars, pickle jars, spaghetti sauce jars... and now that are baby is also eating store bought fruits and veggies i'm wanting to keep those jars. He's already given me a limit to the number of jars i'm allowed to keep. But i hate to throw them away; it seems such a waste and there is no where in our town where i can recycle them. What to do?

Jill Schaefer

I don't have a picture of this, wish I did. But my dad had a workshop in a small building attached to the back of the garage. He took the lid of the baby food jar and screwed it into the celing. Then he could just screw the jar into it and he had a whole celing made of jars, and he put his "bits and bobs" (screws, nails, whatever) in them. When he needed something he could just look up and unscrew the jar he needed. :-)


I hoarded baby food jars with my oldest baby (my God he's 10 now) and was determined to use them some how...we ended up using them as center pieces at our wedding!! We filled them with sand, wrapped a burlap ribbon around them and then tied on a piece of raffia and put in some silk flowers. People took them home as favors then too.

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