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January 13, 2012


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I bought that book a little while ago. It was on sale and I ended up paying next to nothing for it. I am still searching for the perfect yarn for the cover scarf. It's so pretty! Just flipping through it makes me happy!


I wonder if there was a blogging curse going on yesterday, because the exact same thing happened to me! Arrrrrrrrrgh! I'm going to check out that book now, since I've got an Amazon order going in and I'm looking for a book with plenty of patterns to interest me.

Let's hope the gremlins are gone for the next time!

naomi dagen bloom

Rebecca, As I was about to file away "Esther the Eccentric Elephant,"realized needed to thank you for a darling pattern. Roxie, 5 year old, NYC granddaughter loves it, named it "Snorty." Excellent instructions.

Pictures, front & back, on my TypePad blog, www.alittleredhen-- since 2006, ups/downs, still a TP fan. Your site is very attractive; good model for my own re-design. Only suggestion: darker type for comments.

yours, naomi in portland, oregon

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