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January 17, 2012


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Dyeing in a crock pot IS really that easy, and super fun, waiting to see how it will turn out. If you're using anything other than koolaid to dye with you should not use that crock pot for food any more though... I found one at a garage sale for $6 which I use for dye.


I've done this before in the microwave and it came out pretty much the same, but i bet it would be more fun in the crock-pot. ^_^ red onion skins make a pretty yellowish tone without mordant so that might be an alternitive to KoolAid.
also be sure to pick flavors that you wont mind smelling for about three-ish days in your house/kitchen
i learned that really fast
happy dyeing


I bought yarn from Light Brown Hare a little while ago. She has excellent videos on how to crockpot dye yarn.

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