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January 31, 2012


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Love it!!! I too... Now with me going back to work from mat leave have rethought how I blog, when, what... All that fun. For me... It's been a whole lotta weight off my shoulders somehow. It's made things... Easier... Balanced :) who knew I would be so into routines? I love your lineup. I look forward to keeping on reading!!!


a very well-rounded mix of topics. and please don't ever feel you have to be a slave to the blog - takes all the fun out of it, right?


Good for you! So far, I'm completely failing in my quest for balance, lol. Maybe it'll get better now that your post reminded me of my intentions :)


Loving the new format!


I'm new to reading your blog, but I love the new plan. I hope you manage to achieve the balance in your life that you're looking for.


I l♥ve when we make our plans/action "official".
Forty-five lbs ! ! ! Congrats ! ! ! ! !
A Gort lives at my computer desk.


Hello Rebecca!
Mostly a lurker here...because I enjoy your blog so much!It just doesn't occur to me to leave comments.
I thought your writing would fall by the wayside after the baby arrived. Glad you are able to carve out some time for it.
P.S. Love the baby pics! What a cutie!

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