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November 03, 2011


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Adorable, as always. And watch out . . . where there's drool there's teething!


Ohhhhhhh sooooo cute! What a sweet lil man! I kinda like the little grabby ones... makes for a fun time in the supermarket!

Yarnovah on Ravelry

Goodness, he's cuter than a bunny nugget! (Which is what brought me to your blog) Enjoy him, my babies are 33 and 26--it really does go so fast!

Laura Lino

It seems impossible that he gets cuter every month but that indeed is what seems to be happening!


Hi, I love the toys you make! I was wondering where I might find the pattern for the green monster on the shelf with the 3 toes?

Rebecca Danger

Hi Caite-

That's Harold from my book. Have fun!


easyshare digital camera

I just can't get over how fast they change at this stage. And it is amazing how plain old fast they are, too..

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