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August 04, 2011


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Yes! Love Sophie! I now gift her to almost every expecting mama i know. At 18 months my second still loves chewing on hers and making her squeak. A true classic.


I got Sophies for my twins and they loved them. Now I give each new mommy I know a sophie. They are worth every penny.


I'm so glad to read this review! I'm pregnant with my first and I love how cute Sophie is and that she has such rave reviews on Amazon, but I didn't know if she'd actually live up to the hype!! I'll definitely be getting this for our little bean. :) Thanks!!

Rae Lynne

Hooray for Sophie! I read about Sophie when I was pregnant with my first and 2.5 years later, he STILL plays with her. Granted, it's not jammed in his mouth at all times anymore, but he carries her around and loves her just as much as he did when he was a baby. Now that we're expecting #2 in November, I'm trying to decide if my son will be willing to share Sophie with his little sister! Terrific post today - I am always trying to get a word out about this "glorified dog toy" as some people call it. :)


My daughter loves Sophie! I also felt sheepish about spending so much money on a squeaky toy, but we've gotten our money's worth! Now my mom buys Sophie for every shower she goes to.


Ok, I wasn't going to say anything at first, but this is a life saving tip, so I hope you won't be to upset at me. I have been looking at baby items for over a year now in planning for starting to try for a baby, and when I saw Sophie all over the mommy blogs I decided that was one thing my children had to have. Then on Amazon I read the owner reviews and read that the paint on some Sophie's legs and body starts to wear and chip off in the baby's mouth.

Also, and this is the most important, a lot of kids have been getting Sophie's leg stuck in their mouths and throats and parents have had to pull it out because they were choking on it and the babies weren't strong enough to pull it out themselves. So please don't let your little guy play with Sophie without close supervision.

Once again, I hope I have offended you by popping this up here. I love coming to check on your blog and seeing what's new from you and see how you and your family are doing. And I would have felt horrible if something had happened and I hadn't just mentioned this real quick.

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