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August 29, 2011


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Hahaha, that is hilarious and awesome. :D


I love that app! My nephew talks to it and asks it what its doing and he gets angry that it doesn't answer him. Hours of him going "no, what are you doing" cracks me up!


Our kids love this app too!


lol I love that app also. It is hilarious, and then you stop to think what you're laughing about and then it gets more hilarious!!!


Talking Tom is a big hit with the "tween" crowd too, especially when they have friends over to spend the night, and the parents want to be left alone. ...Not that I would know.

By the way, have you discovered the miracle of the Baby Mozart video. It guaranteed a 30-minute nap for mommy when my daughter was tiny.


oh.my.gawsh!!! we were absolutely doubled over from laughing at this 'game'. my 5 yr old daughter would scare Tom and my 4 yr old son would pull his tail! and the dog 'making stinky' funniest thing ever! nothing is better than a Sunday morning in bed with hopelessly giggling kids! and I thought we were goobers for having this app!

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