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August 18, 2011


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I had a car explode once. My dad opened the hood and boom it went. The force pushed him back, and he didn't get hurt at all, but by the time the firefighters put it out all that was left was a little red trunk.

I'm sorry it has been a crazy week, but this weekend is going to be awesome!


Oh no!!! That stinks. We have two Jeeps (not brand new), and they tend to ride awfully stiff. I'm not sure it would be the most comfortable ride for a new baby. I tend to get carsick on long trips when my husband is driving (he doesn't have a steady foot).

Have you considered the Hyundai Elantra Touring? Great gas mileage, cute, Volvo-esque station wagon, and an affordable price.


Oh, what a crumby week! Sorry to hear that, but at least the worst must be over now. Hope your week next week is better.


Bummer! I've heard that while Volvos tend to last forever, there parts are very expensive :( I hope it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg (or several thousand monster body parts).


The tire shop and mechanics are my favourite places to knit in public because it freaks them out. My first monster (Geet) is coming out loveley in Fibernymph cozy! It's a first birthday gift for the daughter of my flower girl.

claire warren

Oooo we love our 2002 Jeep Cherokee. I saw a nice silver four door Wrangler for sale on my way to work in Puyallup.


I love my Jeep Liberty, but it does have a stiff ride and I don't really like to ride as the passenger. It is also getting crowded with 2 carseats in the back. Unfortunately, most Jeeps do ride stiff and the ones that don't I have heard a lot of bad reviews as far as engine trouble and such. Good luck in your car search.


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