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August 25, 2011


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Congratulations on joining the growing family of happy Honda owners!
We started with a 1977 Honda CVCC we bought new for $3,333. We've had 2 Civics, 3 accords and now drive a CRV.
If yours treats you as well as ours have, you'll be a pleased for many years to come.


I am noticing that your boxy vehicles echo your Monster shapes as well :)


Congratulations on your new Honda. I own a Toyota 4 runner and my husband a Toyota Tundra and we are extremely pleased with them. I think you also made a very wise choice. Friends of ours are still driving their Honda Oddysey with over 300000 kms.

Jacob Rodman

Wow, very cool! You're a loyal Honda customer, so you should get a freebie from them, hehe. Well you got a good choice, since Hondas known for their reliability, especially the Vtech engines. I should know, I've been driving a Civic for some time now.

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