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July 13, 2011


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I saw a pattern for a Yoda baby hat with great big pointy ears. :) Knit one I must.


The wackiest idea I ever had was to knit a cape for my 27 year old bird. He loves to hide in dark cozy places ------so I thought I would make it really big---but then it gets way too heavy LOL-still trying to figure this one out :-)


Ooo so it isn't the weirdest item that I would want to knit it is something that I did knit. I was learning to make animals and lets just say the pink elephant turned into a pink pig with no legs and a striny tail. We kept the little guy and called him rolly. He ended up having a few other misfit friends join him while I was learning to create animals. :-) My husband actually likes the little misfits especially because I usually give away all the ones that turn out well!


I tried to knit an entrelac hat with this vivid variegated worsted yarn. It wound up looking like a chef's hat on acid. Into the frog pond it went and the yarn is still sitting in my stash.


Well, I knit a coworker once. Not life-sized, because that would be creepy. :) Just a miniature version that we could send around and photograph all over the place. Good times...


First off I have to say that I am so excited about this giveaway!!!

Ok, so I have totally thought about knitting old school wrestling masks for the family for fun family photos.


I am currently trying to convince my fiance that it is okay for me to knit our dog a coat that would make her look like a stegosaurus. The pattern book calls it "Dogosaurus Rex". I think its cute but Corey thinks its crazy!


Call me Crazy, but the wildest thing I've ever thought of knitting is one of your Monsters.
Rebecca this post re: Pearl and the Beard
has made my day.
I've had plans to go to B&N to buy your Monster book tomorrow ever since I saw your Penelope on The Knit Girllls videocast
I'd love to win a copy of Killing the Darlings so I can have 'mood' music to knit one of your 'darlings'.
I'm so happy I found you via THE KNIT GIRLLLS.


A willy warmer! lol


I don't know how it rates on the wacky scald but a mailbox cozy! If I could write patterns I would have one already and they would be offered on my site.


I've been working on plans for a park bench yarn bomb for next year. It is not just any park bench though, I want to cover Jim Henson's bench in Central Park so it better be the wildest thing I ever knit. Otherwise it won't do him justice ;)


mmm... I knitted a doll of Darth Vader and another of Yoda, both with spades for a girl in her 6-years birthday. She┬┤s a big fan of star wars.


For my parents' 40th anniversary, I am making them nordic ski vests, hers in pink his in blue (they like these colours, it's not just me being all gender-appropriate colour judgy) where I am designing the motifs using images showing their backgrounds... maples leaves with ferns, tikis, etc. I am trying to decide if I am putting in a moose or not. She's Canadian, he's from NZ, and they ski and would actually wear these :) I have swatched some of the motifs, but am not finished. I have 6 months. Surely nothing will come up...

tl;dr version: his & hers "matching" ski vests with custom motifs.


I love the band Umphrey's McGee, and last year for their tour they dubbed it the "Mustache Ride Tour", and all the band members grew pretty epic 'staches. So for the shows, they were encouraging their fans to do the same. As I am female, and am socially encouraged to take care of any unsightly upper lip hair, I decided to knit mine, and crafted an Incognito (which can be seen on my Rav Project page here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Peacock41/incognito) It was a hit! Much better than the sticky mustaches people had pasted on their faces that were falling off after a few songs!


Okay, this is a little wrong, or maybe a lot wrong, but I have the softest cat in the world, my husband joked that he wants to spin my kitty's hair into yarn and make him some undies. Don't think that is going to happen, but it makes me laugh!

knitterlydesigns on Ravelry

Denise Katz

I know it has been said, but a willy warmer has always intrigued me.

Also, i have started a "Sack Boy" for my husband - it is a character toy from a game called Little Big Planet


I have plans to knit a knit cuckoo clock (someday) because I saw one in Anthropologie but it was over $300.


a cactus. because i can't seem to keep them alive. my green thumb has been taken over by knitting fingers ;)

Merry WA

I would love to nit my friend a really "wacky" beanie that is actually designed for little kids so that she can wear it to watch her teenage daughter play soccer (the child is being very precious & asking her Mum to watch from the car etc because she's embarassing without even trying to be). It might sound awful, but to just give it to her without her wearing it out of the house would be priceless to see the look on her child face.

Thanks for sharing this great band, I have just been watching their live perfomances on the subway.

Susan aka No Knit Sherlock

The silliest thing I've knit was a felted Shark stapler cozy for Knit Picks and the craziest thing I've ever wanted to knit is a cozy/knitted frame for our ginormous flat screen... the hubs shot that idea down. :(


I want to knit an ewok costume for my Lhasa...he looks just like one!

Barbara S.

A thong and or Willie warmer.


I'm planning to knit a mignion from Despicable Me.


In the winter I always get the urge to knit a cozy for my toilet seat so my fannie doesn't freeze when I sit.


For Christmas last year I gave my brother a "family portrait" that was made up of knitted slug toys that each represented a member of his family.

It was a hit:)

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