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July 08, 2011


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You are not alone! I have five projects on needles (eek!) and just got a skein of the most beautiful blue-green yarn. It's only one ball, not really enough to do much, but it's baby alpaca and silk. I couldn't resist! It's sitting next to my keyboard for easy access.


"I am not alone". Just keep repeating that. And I agree with Mr. Danger. Sometimes we just need to "feel" the yarn to bring us to a good place.


This happens to me all of the time! I'll see something beautiful and I know it won't be there the next time I go back. I have so many gorgeous yarns waiting to be something.


It seems I only really buy yarn when I am facing an unattainable knitting deadline, or am overwhelmed with the expanding stash.


Of course you have company! I have a skirt a shawl and my first ever pair of socks going and a drawer full of yarn I had to have. (Then there's the job and house and family... ) There's one skein of Malabrigo that I "visit" just to admire the colors and feel of it. No idea what I'll make. It'll have to be good!

Siona Karen

I do that too! I always have several projects on the go that I never seem to get round to finishing and then when I see a lovely yarn I am still tempted to get it for another project, which I have no idea what it will be, but the colour is so nice or the texture or something and I can't resist

Wendy Ellis

Unisono is one of my FAVORITE yarns of all time--it is knitting bliss. LOVE!

Lisa M

lol... It's not just you...


I've fallen in love with the exact same yarn in the exact same color, but I failed to buy it when I first saw it, and I believe that colorway has been discontinued since it's no longer on the Zitron website. Happy you picked it up when you did. Wish I'd done the same!

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