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June 29, 2011


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The first years wave stroller

My wife and i purchased The First
Years Wave Stroller a couple of months ago and she fell in love with it. Since then i have reviewed this product extensively.

However, i really like to hear people write about the strollers that they love the best and i have to say that this post of yours Rebecca has made me think about looking into the "Bob Revolution" even further. I have heard people talk about how wonderful this product is before but never took too much notice before.

Thank you for the "food for thought" and have yourself a wonderful day.


I too have a BOB Revolution. Pretty rare find here in Australia. I found it in a second hand shop in brand new condition. Pity I didn't get it until our 5th and last child was 18months old! But we LOVE it. Still using it now that she is 3 and her 5 year old sister hitches a ride on the foot rest.

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