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June 03, 2011


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What a cutie! I can't believe he's one month old already.


You need to choose one of your monsters to photograph him with each month! I took a photo of one of my girls with a huge bunny each month. It was so fun to see her size in proportion to the bunny.

He's darling!


He is so gorgeous :)


oh Rebecca!! I could kiss his little face right off!


Cute! I took monthly pics of my boys their first years, then on their 1st birthday I hung a clothes line of 8x10s of their monthly pics and of special events/holidays. It was so neat to see how they grow and change so much that first year.

Kathy at Knitting Off The Grid

I just can't believe he's a month old already! He's a sweetheart.

kathy b

adorable, but the bluetape??? baffles me...


OH.MY.GOD!!! He is soooo adorable! Love his chair too--- so amazing!!

Rebecca Danger

Hey Kathy B-

It's actually a #1, to mark 1 month, not blue tape!


Baby Swing Reviews

Cute baby with different expressions :-)

Lourdes Martinez A


He's adorable! I love his houndstooth chair and big monsters.


Rebecca, he is too cute! BUT I had to stop and show my husband this chair. It is incredible! Did you refinish it in houndstooth or did you actually find this fabric on a chair?


Great picture of the little one... I found your website through Megan (since I told her how much I love knitting.) There is another website I thought you would like (cute pictures for each months pictures)...



:o) I wish I'd thought of doing this! He's just SO cute!

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