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April 25, 2011


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I just love your monsters. When my first born was not born yet I always called her my "little monster". Today she is five years old and is a very happy monster. ;o)

Hang in there! The baby will not stay in there forever - even if it feels like it... :o)

Kathy in California

More darling projects! I'm glad you are keeping busy.

Today is our wedding anniversary of 41 years, so today would be a great day for baby Danger to make his appearance!

melanie martin

I LOVE it all! You are such an inspiration.
Thinking of you and your little monster :)
Best Wishes,


Amazing stuff you have there!! I wish I was that talented when it came to sewing!

Julie Funderburk

oh, when are you due?? I had my baby girl on Jan 28, 2011 and while on maternity leave wanted to learn how to knit. A friend of mine passed your blog onto me and I learned how to knit, following your chubby chirp pattern. Thanks so much for sharing! I love making things for my little lady. Your nursery is soo cute!

Nursery Furniture

Its really amazing.. I love the pics of the crib.. Your post is a great resource for me as I have come to know about the idea of decorating it.. Thanks for sharing..

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