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March 22, 2011


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You are in official nesting mode! I did the same thing when I was prego.


I had the pregnancy insomnia problem too. One thing that's helped me is having my ipod and speaker near my bed so I can put on something relaxing when I can't sleep. Guided meditation works especially well, but even just soothing music helps.


with all three of my pregnancies, each time i dreamed that i gave birth to a monkey. once i also dreamed that i gave birth to a parrot. and you might be surprised that the dreams freaked me out. :)


Yep I had the insomnia too. I used to wake up around 4am and watch the home shopping channel for an hour or so until I felt tired then head back to bed! I now have a 5 week old...think of it as training for the night feeds!
I'm very impressed at the amount of stuff you are getting done. I was a total cabbage the last month and slept through most of it! Go you!


I just read through your whole blog and you are my bloggy and business idol. :-) Congratulations on the little one! Not much longer now. I know you must be so excited. I love your cute patterns and I want to order you book some time in the next month or so when I have funds. You make me want to pick up my knitting needles again and I so want to try your patterns. You are now my new fave blog to read. :-)

Pen @ Oliver Boliver

If it helps, it's all totally normal! And you're lucky you only need the bathroom once in the night; I was up every 2 hours. It was much easier once Zac arrived as the sleep I got between feeds was proper unstressy deep sleep - aah bliss. You're doing great and nearly there now. ;0)

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