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March 18, 2011


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I think the weekly "love it" posts would be a cute idea. GO for it!


I think it is great idea.


Do it! :)


Sounds good! :o) I always like recommendations on yarn, movies, etc.


Yes, please! Great idea :)


Great idea for a post!!! I myself am addicting to investigative discovery about all of the murderers and serial killers...yes, I'm very weird. It give me something to listen to while I knit monsters. :)


Love the idea of a weekly Love It post! I also recently discovered Lockdown, it's fascinating to watch while knitting (baby booties, in my case, LOL).


Sounds great esp. if it's knitting related!


Great idea. Not only will you counter act the negativity of the internet, but you can share with us some unsolicited recommendations.


oh! I love the idea!!


A lovely idea! I have been stalking your blog for about a week now. I love it! I'm currently KU with a little boy too who's due date is May 1st but he will be evicted by c-section on April 26th! Have you seen the show Babies Behind Bars? It would combine your prison show love and your current baby obsession! Happy gestating!


I think it would be fun to read about anything you post. As a stay at home mom, I look forward to your posts. You have such great projects and ideas and you are an inspiration to many of us. Thanks for sharing:)


Look for Scared Straight, not sure the network...and on OWN I just saw breaking down the bars which follows women in prison. Both are some of my new fav's! Guess I like prison shows too ;-) And have a pug named Lucy (and one named Tater-tot)...maybe we're twins;-)


I'd love it if you did a weekly favorite's post! It's very interesting to come home from school and read your blog. :o)

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