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February 03, 2011


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These are adorable!

Penny Peberdy

I can't get it from Your site or Ravelry! Is it still being uploaded?



Joe, my 3 yo just walked up behind me while I was looking at these and said "I want that"....I better get knitting!


I LOVE THEM!!!! I can't wait to make a whole bunch!!

Rebecca Danger

Okey, forgot to add it to Ravelry, but added an extra ".pdf" to the link here......fixed in both places now.


Thank you! It's adorable. And thank you for the etsy link to rattles.


Adorable! I can't wait to start one. I especially love the one with the green, red, purple, and white yarn; it knits into such a lovely pattern. :)

Lynne Campbell

SO CUTE!!! For Easter would be nice, too, maybe with bunnies!


Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern, another thing on my (much to long) to do list!
~ Marjolein


Squeeeeee! thank you


Awesome as always!


Huge thanks for this, absolutely made my day! They are so cute!


Thank you for this adorable pattern!


So cute! I hope Baby Danger loves them.


I knocked one of these out pretty quick - check it out on Ravelry! I am Katarrrr. Thanks for another fun pattern! Bird is added to Greta and Iris!


Oh my! Can't wait to make them. I've been wanting to knit softies for a baby mobile but until know I couldn't decide on which ones! Birds! I'll be sure to post a pic when I'm done :)


Hi, Love your monster designs :) I'm actually also expecting a baby. It'll be our second--due in May. What a great idea, using the rattle inserts. I followed your link and ordered mine from American Felt & Craft on Etsy--Feb 4 and they arrived today. Very fast shipping! After the Chubby Chirps, I'm hoping to knit up more of your monsters for both my little ones.

Thanks so much for sharing your designs with us


wow awesome !!!!!!!!!

Baby Stuffs

They are so cute,me waiting to make them for my kids,I'll be sure to post a pic when I'm done with this..Thanks for sharing this lovely patterns!!!www.vivamagonline.com Great collections ,keep up the good work!!!


Thank you for sharing this pattern. I've downloaded this one and your Bunny one and can't wait to try them out. I seldom like knit amigurumi, but yours is just so cute. I'm in love with them and have placed your book on my must have list. :-)


I can't get it to download... is it still available?


chirp chirp chirp no wait adorable adorable adorable! lol these are so cute and i hope you will put up more amazing free patterns!


Adorable! Is there any pattern that I can use it for my Golf Club Covers? Love them all! XoXo!


Hi all... im looking for some special ladies to make a huge box of these precious chubby chirps! I would like to give them to the children I spend my days by in St. Mary's Hospital and The Ronald McDonald house children! I can only donate as a citizen and not a company or anything! So my thought is pictures and messages packed into the boxes of these sweet chirps being made so the children know we all care! It will brighten the day of many children I know! For more info on how to help and where to send please email me... my name is Jacquetta and u can email me at jacquetta.wesley@gmail.com if interested!


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