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December 11, 2010


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It's so cool that we were able to pull a surprise "monster bomb" on you! I have to admit that I got all excited when I saw a pic of the ornament I made on your blog!

Merry Christmas! Thanks for all of the amazing patterns!


Oh wow, that was super sweet of everyone who made you an ornament! What a wonderful gesture. And those shoes really are the best! Hope you enjoy knitting with all that lovely yarn!


What a lovely day!

I am also thrilled that we were able to pull of the monster bomb too!
It was a lot of fun deciding which wonderful monster the yarn wanted to be and making it happen.

I squaled out loud when I saw the Bluebonnet Chunk pictured here with all of his new pals!

Happy Holidays and Thank You for all the monster knitting fun!


I love Wild Fibers! I've been lucky enough to visit when we're there for the Highland Games. What a great knitting family you have!


Hi Rebecca, I want to pre-order your book knitted monster and all 19 knitted pattern, but could not get thru on payment with master. I do not have paypall account. Could you advice what to do please. I love all your stuff. Cant wait to start.

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