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September 30, 2010


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Pamela Witte

I love your neurosis. It makes me feel better! And hey, if you can have that feeling and still knit an entire sweater, you must be doing something right!

Lisa B.

Interesting! I don't have a particular preference in sweater designs, but socks are another matter. I learned to knit cuff down and have knit socks solely that way until this year when I decided I really should learn to go toe up, just for the experience, if nothing else. Turns out I love knitting toe up...the socks feel like they go much faster that way, no idea why...but the heels confound me. Cuff down, I could knit a sock in my sleep. Toe up? I have to read directions on how to make the heel happen because it just doesn't come to me like it does in the other direction. As for fit, gusset heels seem to fit best for me toe up, whereas I love the slipped stitch heel flap of a cuff down sock, but they don't fit the same going toe up...why IS that? :}

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