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June 10, 2010


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Wow! What a cute pattern! It's about time someone showcased lovely sock yarn on toys :)


I love your blog and he is totally cute esp the teal and brown one Mr QQQ!! And there has been some sock wool at my local shop I have been eyeing up LOL

Can I please be rude and pick your brain? I am new to knitting in the round and wondered if you have any tips about how not to get the runs where the needles join? I have even tried the magic loop with the same problem - sigh.....(I surrendered and knitted penelope in the flat as she was a gift for a friend shhhh dont tell :) hee hee )

thank you so much oh and I am dying to see your book it sounds fab!!!!!!!


Rebecca Danger

Hey Mummymoo! The best way is to knit a couple stitches from the next needle each time (or every couple rounds) so those looser stitches aren't in the same place every time you go around. You can also try knitting those stitches around the gap consciously tighter each time which can help. The more knitting you do these "ladders" will probably start to disappear on their own.

You can also check out Knitty.com and Knittinghelp.com for more tricks and tips. They are officially referred to as ladders, just search that on either of these sites.


Thank you so much, what a great idea knitting stitches from the other needles, why did I never think of that ??

Will also pop over to those website and have a look - thank you, thank you, thank you for such a do-able reply, I am keen to have another go that ones makes so much sense LOL

Thank you heaps xoxo

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