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February 03, 2010


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Heather Isaac

wow Rebecca!! you are a machine! you must be so busy with maintaining your businesses & writing the book & knitting/re-knitting all the patterns, etc. i bet you'll have a nice sigh of relief when you hand your copy over...and what an excellent birthday gift for you! i am sooo excited for you! you...a writer of patterns...and now a BOOK! how *amazing* well, you already know i am a fan of your patterns...looking forward to the book!!!


I can't wait to see the book... my god! I have been so busy myself that the knitting needles have left the building ... so to speak.

must. knit. soon.

good to hear that you are doing well!


Thought you would enjoy this:
Have a slice of bread-- wait, what?




I'm so sorry I've been out of the look with you. I plan to post about my little boy's Herman this week, though. I'm so excited about your book....maybe we can do a giveaway and interview when it comes out?! That would be too cool!


congratulations on being almost finished with your book! and i know what you mean about being a pug fanatic. i think it happens to all pug owners sooner or later. my hubby sees an elderly man walking his pug near his work. he always stops by to let our pug visit.


That's a crazy sight you saw all right!

Congrats on your book - very, very cool!

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