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December 03, 2009


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Hehe. I always took pride in the fact I had Christmas shopping finished in October :).

I keep adding to my knitting list for Christmas, so I feel like I will never be done. I am sorry you had to give it up, but seeing that book will be so worth it!!!

Susan aka No Knit Sherlock

the Snuggie cannot be ignored....
my 9 year old son has wanted one of those damn things since last Christmas! I refused to buy him one on the grounds that it was the same as wearing your robe backwards, but he still wants one.
Needless to say, I too broke down and there will be one happy camper come December 25th.

He is going to look like a tiny cult member. :)

Happy Holidays! Your patterns saved me this year. All the toddlers/kids/teenagers on my list are getting a Danger toy & a gift card!


oooooh the clicks look amazing-- they are probably the perfect tool ever for your patterns though...

i seem to have accumulated multiple dpn's and needles for magic looping as a result of your patterns :>

happy december!

Mrs. Tootsie

I can't beleive you own a SNUGGIE!!!! ....and admitted it!

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