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September 14, 2009


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I am sorry to hear about your landlord issues. I am totally excited about the new pattern! Sign me up for a Reserve!!


I am so excited about the new pattern! But, I really feel for you about the house hunting and having to move. I grew up in the military, and nothing sucks quite like moving! Hopefully things will go smoothly for you, I'll send good vibes! ;)


Sorry to hear of your renting situation ... what a pain. Always a door closes and another opens! You'll find something even better!
I didn't know you were so close ... I'm in Portland!
I haven't started my kitty yet, have a couple of other projects to do first, but she's so cute! (mine is a girl and haven't named her yet). So looking forward to seeing your new pattern!
thanks again, elsa


holy crap!! i'd been wondering where you went! that is oober crappy! i wish you the best of luck with finding a new habitable place! nothing is worse than snakey landlords... ick!

(can't wait for the pattern either!!!)


your designs make me want to knit.. and I'm not that kind of girl! Maybe someday.. I have to have a knitted pug!

Best of luck finding a new place, I always brought my pugs with me and when the landloard met them I'd get the place right away!

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