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July 10, 2009


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Oh I love these guys! Seriously, I needed some kind of pick me up and these guys have provided it! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern. Now I know what to do with all my leftover yarn! The Monster Chunks won't eat my Bunny Nuggets, right? ;)


oh they are soooooo cute!! I'm going to knit some and take them to work so they can sit next to my monitor :)
thank you for this wonderful pattern!!

Katie B

So darn cute! I'm off to make some for my little boy, who I'm sure will enjoy throwing them at my head. Oh, and his favorite band is also the Black Eyed Peas, so he'll have lots to chat about with his Chunks.


Ah! So cute!


These are SOOO cute! THank you for sharing this pattern :) I am sure my son will love them!


Must. Make. For. Kids. NOW!
Seriously, I think these will be a hit, and no parts to get pulled off, like Robbie's antenna.
Thank you!

Katie B

I knitted up my first Monster Chunk and posted a picture on my blog. Thanks so much for the pattern!!!



Oh, I have plans for these little guys already! Thanks for sharing!!



Oh, so cute! I'm married to my son's log cabin blanket right now (that's why I haven't knit Tofu yet!) but you're making it hard to stay faithful! I downloaded the pattern already and am trying to resist. :)

Jena (the yarn harpy)

These are adorable! I think my hubs might be sporting a few of these on his desk soon, too. :) (He works at a video game company - they'd fit right in.)


Ummmmm, can I say adorable!!!! Love them!


I just finished a Maddox before we left on vacation. My 7 year old has had great fun playing with him in the car. I am sure I will make many, many more of your patterns. Thank you for sharing your creativity.


ARGH! Those are so, so cute and they have the best name EVER! Thanks so much for the pattern, I'll be linking to these little guys.


I wanna try, I wanna try!!!


These are AWESOME! I'm brand new to knitting (just scarves so far!) so I'm hoping I can figure these out. Off to look at the pattern now... :) Thanks! Love your site!


OK, so you've heard how everyone thinks they're adorable. Me too! My daughter has requested her own set. She fancies having them loaded in her Sophomore Year locker waiting to pounce (and maybe dance) with the drug sniffing dogs. And she wonders why they like her locker!

PS - I found you because of Whip Up. Congrats on being featured.


I couldn't resist adding these to our link luv roundup. Come take a peek:


Thanks for another great project.


These are AMAZING.

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These little creatures are adorable, thanks so much for the pattern. I love how you used these great colors, it really gives them character...... thanks again:)

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