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July 21, 2009


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Yep, I collect knitting magazines and books as well. In fact I got that same letter in the mail this week, small world. ;) I'm so bad, I just ordered a french knitting book from Phildar. Took me awhile to navigate thier site and place my order as I don't know any french at all, but I think I did it right. Still, it's very nice to know I'm not the only addict out there!


I am a sucker for knitting books. I have knitting books I have never used, but I couldn't resist. Actually, I am a sucker for books in general. I work at a university library and thanks goodness they cleared off the book sale bookshelf- it was agony walking by and not picking up a book.


I got the same offer in the mail and sent it off the next day. I have HUNDREDS of patterns printed and knit about 3 things a year. I think I'm saving all of them for retirement 30 years from now?


I subscribe to that, I like it. It's not pretentious like so many of the others, I like that not everything in there would require a 300 dollar cashmere and silk investment to knit.


You are definitely not alone. I buy every knitting magazine I see. I love the patterns, ads, product reviews, articles...heck I love it all.I have a huge stash of them, and I am actually setting something up to organize them all this week. They are getting unwieldy and have already outgrown the giant basket they are in.

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