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May 08, 2009


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Julie Matthews

I adore Wasabi! And literally bought the pattern the instant I saw it. Like you, I love two things in life (well, besides my boyfriend anyway): knitting and pugs. Thank you for combining my loves into a single, squeezable being!

One question: how tall is Wasabi when completed? I didn't find that in my initial scan of the pattern.

Thanks for the great work!

Julie Matthews

never mind! I found it on your etsy page...


Hi Julie!

If you check the last page of the pattern where all the samples are it gives you the specifics on what size needles/what yarn will give you what height Wasabi.

I am so glad you love the pattern, I hope you enjoy knitting a couple Wasabis up!


these are CRAZY CUTE! God you are so talented!


oh and I jsut blogged about you!


I'm new to your site and just love all you have to say, your sense of humor makes me smile! love the new Wasabi ... so cute. thanks for all you do!


Hi Rebecca! OME! Wasabi is too cute for words!!! Your blog is great - your very talented and very inspiring!
I'm new to your site, and well, to the whole knitting world! ;) I've tried knitting twice - once resulting in a very ugly scarf, LOL!
I'm eager to try again, I just downloaded Bunny Nuggets and was wondering if you can recommend a book or website to help beginners get started. Maybe a tutorial of some sort... I get confused with the counting and such ;)
Thank you for sharing your talent!
:*) margie


Thanks for all the kind words everyone, glad to see Wasabi is a hit!

Margie, I have taught a lot of people to knit over my 13+ years of knitting and I really think the best place for beginners to get started is www.knittinghelp.com

I really like the site because everything has a little video with it and I use it any time I am stumped on how to do something.

The other good place? Your local yarn store (LYS). They generally have beginning knitting classes which are not very expensive and there is nothing quite like a live person to help you out. They also generally offer one on one help for like $15-$25 dollars an hour. I figure one hour would do it, which is the same price as most books.

If you don't know your LYS's, email me and I can help you out.


Just stumbled on your site - SO cute!


Was searching to find if there were knitted pugs I could make, and wow this is awesome! Love the nickname for pug tails, my first pug was named Cinnamon actually.

I haven't gotten into knitting yet, but really hope to soon. Definitely bookmarked your blog, just love your patterns :D


From one pug owner to another, thank you for the Wasabi pattern. I just have to make it soon. I stumbled across your blog from Ravelry and absolutely love all your knitted toys. A friend of mine just completed Tofu and it came out adorable!

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