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May 23, 2009


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Just curious...why would the Knitter's Blocks be better than what you're using right now? I never thought of using a puffy floor mat - good idea!

Mrs. Tootsie

What else can you use the steamer for?

Jessica Burko

The shawl is stunning - and what a fabulous example of successful blocking! Thanks for posting this.


Hey Erin, I think that the Knitter's Blocks would be better because I think the material is designed to be pinned on. The ones I got are already super holey from where the pins have gone and I have only used them 4-5 times.

Mrs. Tootsie, the steamer is a steam cleaner that you can use like in the bathroom or kitchen. I believe they call it a hard surface cleaner.

Jessica, thanks! I have sworn off lace after this project though.......there was just too much cursing and frustrated evenings.

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