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April 02, 2009


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Tania McCartney

God bless you for this simple pattern - my daughter will be in knitting bunny bliss!


I had fun making these...maybe a little too much fun. Thanks for the pattern. I have pics on my blog and ravelry.


Thank you so much for the pattern! I will be making lots of bunnies for next year! I posted a photo of my finished bunny on my blog, www.mysweetcheaplife.com. Love your adorable creations, and look forward to visiting your blog regularly!
Thanks again!

Liberty Post Editor

You're a doll. A big Canadian Hug coming your way! LPxo

Tif Matthews

I made one bunny nugget and I'm positive I'll be making MANY more. It's so fun. Great pattern! Thanks so much for sharing it!!

I blogged my little nugget here:



Thank a lot

joanne wardle

Thanks so much for the pattern. I made three (as per the instructions of keeping them in threes) and my 7 year old son adores them.

you can see them here

Lisa Thoms

I just found your Blog by typing in Bunny Nuggets! I'm pretty slow at knitting but I hope I can make one of these little guys before I get too frustrated and give up!


I knitted two of these, one with twice the measurements of the original pattern. They're super cute and I love having them to sit on my pillow for decoration :)


they look adorable!
i wish i could knit as well as you can, but sadly i wasn't graced with knitting(i probably am, but with my short attention span, it wont last) I am with sewing plushies/felties/whateve other name you can think of for those fabric animals.
when i first saw your bunnies, i was like "oh cool! i wonder if their knitted or she made them out of like, a knitted hat?" which i then learned that their knitted i was a bit sad, but maybe some day i'll learn how to make them? ^^


I saw them and immediately made one for my niece. Instead of stuffing it I placed a plastic egg filled with jelly beans in it's tummy. Once that is emptied the bunny can still be used as an egg warmer. I also made the bunny a "necklace" with a charm bracelet charm attached. After all I came across those bunnies when I was searching for a cute way to wrap this charm. Now the bunny became the gift tag. Too cute.

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