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April 02, 2009


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Oh thank you for sharing! These are so cute!!! :D Awesome...now where are my knitting needles? It's been years...I just adore your shop and all you do. All good wishes! Cheers

Kerri the Disaster

These are lovely! I just saw them on WhipUp, and I totally want to make this for my next project.
OOoh, and your blog is wonderful! I've just added you to my Google Reader.


Where is the pattern?

Clicking the link on the left just refreshes the page.


Hi W, do you see the button up to the right now on the sidebar? If you still don't get it to work let me know and I will email it to you.


Oh!! Thank you for the lovely pattern idea!! I am lazy and I am thinking i-cord ears!!!


these are so cute, thanks for sharing....i came to visit your blog because of the post on whip up... now that i am here...i am excited to look around :)


It's an absolute doozy! Well done, you. And thank you v.much.


They are really cute - and a quick and easy way to make the Easter Baskets special. Thanks!
Dumb Question - are the ears I Cords?

Gia Saulnier

Wow those are cute! Do you mind if I make some for a Renaissance Festival to sell? It is for an animal sanctuary (in Norton, MA) Festival is in June of 09. If you don't want me to, I will just make them for Easter/Passover...very very cute


Too cute!! Thanks for sharing!


I wish I could find the pattern. Is there another way to access it? I am here from whipup and I love your site.


These are just adorable! I haven't knitted in ages, but these are so cute! I've linked to this on my link blog. http://bit.ly/nves


OMG these are so cute I could DIE! Thank you so much for offering the pattern for free!


Gia, you are welcome to make them for your fair if you just site the pattern is designed by me so your customers know.

Robin, I emailed you the pattern. If anyone else is having a hard time comment here or email me and I will email it to you too.

Everyone, thank you so much for all the wonderful comments! I am so glad you like the Nuggets! I expect LOTS of pictures!

Miss T

That is way, way too cute. Thank you!


These are just too cute, we have babies in the house so these will be so much FUN to make..creative way to use up bits abd pieces!.good wool teethers too! Thanks for sharing your talent & design...just found your site, I be visiting again!


These are too cute for words! I love them! Thanks for a fun pattern! I loved them so much I had to spread the word. A post on your little bunny nuggets will be up on my blog www.luvinthemommyhood.com tomorrow morning :)
Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for this great pattern! It was very well written and my nugget turned out so cute. I posted my photos on my blog and a link to your blog.

Thank you again!


That is one cute bunny! Thank you for sharing!


These are so adorable. I wish I could knit!!


Great, now I only need to translate the pattern into dutch..... :-(


So cute and sweet! Thanks for sharing!!!


I just found your blog from @knittingnews and wow! What fantastically awesome creatures you've created! I also have to say that as a fairly new knitter, I really appreciate the addition of pictures on your pattern for the bunny nuggets. I'm a fairly visual person and that's a big help for me. I haven't made any amiguri yet, but I think this may be just the one to start with.

I also added you to my google reader and look forward to following your very entertaining updates!


thanks for sharing!


adorable pattern!
i'm going to make a few today and stuff them with catnip. lama the cat needs an easter present!
thanks for sharing!

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