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March 31, 2009


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Hi there! I'm really glad you asked this because I don't think there's enough commenting on knitting blogs in general. And I really love your blog (so much so that I mentioned it on my site)

Typically it's best if you comment back on the other person's blog, or at least respond to the comment on your own blog. And when you comment, try to be as relevant as possible and add some value to the conversation.

The point of commenting is to continue a dialog about whatever you're blogging. It also brings more attention to your blog when you comment on other people's sites. Comments create more links between different people's blogs, which google picks up as additional traffic, which will raise your standings in google search.

Don't mind me, Internet Marketing is my day job. :)


Angela! You are my new blog comments hero! Wow, this is exactly what I needed to know. I can breath a big sigh of relief now knowing this and I pledge to comment on more knitting blogs, starting with yours!


For my wordpress blog I have it set up so that comments come to my email address so respond to them all personally. :) I rarely check back on blogs I've already read to see follow up comments.


Its all personal preference. Some people just reply in their comments to the comments left. Some people go visit the other persons blog and leave a comment. And then some people do both.

I will typically respond to a comment within my comments if I have something to say, or a question that needs an answer. If it seems like there is no response needed, I don't. But I almost always go to the other persons blog and look around, and if I enjoy whats going on in their blog I will leave a comment on one of their posts.

Just follow your heart! :)


Thanks everyone for the great comments, I have a lot to think about!

Preita, do you really email every person back? I sort of felt like that might be the case, not checking back on blogs you'd commented on. That is what I think I do, but I thought I might not be the norm.



it is always nice to get a response to a comment...its fun to read a blogger's response to other readers' comments within the comments ... but i do have to say that i get a special thrill when i get an email response to a comment...then it doesnt feel so much like i am just "graffiti-ing" on someone's blog wall... (though i never expect to get email)


I only blog sporadically, but I am a reader of blogs. As a reader, I find it frustrating when I see unanswered questions hanging out there in cyberspace. PLEASE, if the commenter asks a question, for the benefit of other readers who might also want to know the answer to their question, it is nice when you give your answer in your comments section where the question was asked. If it is a question you get often, or one that requires an extensive reply, you may find the topic worthy of an entire blog post.

If you want to be really super nice to the person who asked the question and you have the time, you can also reply to the person personally, leaving them a note in their blog. That way they know their question has been answered. It can be as simple as, "Thanks for your comment! I have answered your question here: (type a link to where the answer is here)" That way, the questioner knows that you answered their query and other readers of that person's blog have a link to follow to your blog!

By the way, love your patterns! I'm thinking that resistance may be futile!


Hey there Rebecca, found your blog today through the free bunny pattern, and I really enjoy it!
I too, didn't know what the protocol was for blog commenting...but in general, I have begun to make a habit of doing the following:
Since I get an email alert (I'm also a typepad user), I normally respond to the person's comment through email, unless there is something that would require an answer to a question on the blog that would interest other readers. (um, this has never happened). I love receiving and sending "thanks for commenting" emails to readers, because they normally end up creating more conversation, discovery of interests in common, and just a really friend knit/blog community!
Your knit creatures are adorable! I look forward to seeing what you'll do next (including the Shalom Cardigan--I think I'm going to cast one on soon, as well!)

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