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May 21, 2014


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Renee Anne

Gorgeous baby boy! I was thinking it was about time for that to have happened...

And yes, you're crazy trying to write two books while having two little boys at home.

Kris G

Congrats! Best wishes to the Danger boys....and to the Mother who has to watch over them. ; )


love love LOVE! great looking brothers, cool name btw and very much looking forward to your new books. p.s. missed you

Cockney Blonde

Beautiful baby and very handsome big brother. Congratulations, x

Jane Richmond

YAY Hooray! Congratulations Rebecca, he's so precious! And Presley is SO big! So thankful to hear that all was by the book and that little Maverick is so chill.

Hugs from across the sea xoxo


Ah, congratulations! And so awesome that you got your VBAC! He's lovely and I hope the transition to being alone with two goes smoothly for you. I'm so excited to see more from you soon! :)

Sarah in Houston

What wonderful family pictures! So glad all is going well. thanks so much for sharing


Congratulations! What an amazing name for a little guy, lol. He's destined for cool things with a name like Maverick Danger :)


Congratulations, he a cutie!




Great photos. You've got three handsome men there!


Many congratulations on your new baby. What a great name! He looks very mischievous.


That baby will grow up to be a Marvel superhero.

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