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May 16, 2013


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Thanks for posting this! I will have to check out this book as well. We too, have an allergy kid and have slowly been evolving the way that we eat after the initial shock of it all. My son is allergic to Dairy, Peanuts (possibly other nuts as well) and Fish. And you are correct in that leaves very little to eat. I've found that the dairy allergy removes most store-bought options and when I was going soy-free because we thought that was a possibility it was almost impossible to find foods at the store.


Our guy has a severe dairy allergy and is restricted from eggs, all nuts, fish and shellfish. He was diagnosed a year ago when he was 11 months. It was overwhelming at first, but it did get easier as we got used to it. We do eat things he can't have, and because he's used to that, it's less of an issue when we're out-- he's learned that he can't share everything other people eat and is ok with that. If you're looking for another cookbook, try Allergy-Proof Recipes for Kids. I like it because all of the recipes are free of the top eight allergens, which is sometimes hard to find.


Jim and I are totally Paleo/Primal. He's got Celiacs and is allergic to soy. We can talk more at the fair! I have a ton of recipes.

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