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August 12, 2012


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Michelle Martino

Absolutely adorable pics! Love Love Love it!
Congratulations :)

andrea kiss

I am so excited for this book! And will definitely be ordering it so i can knit, knit, knit for my baby Liam's room!


Oh, I'm so excited! I think the patterns would be perfect for a girl too, as too many girl patterns can err on the side of sickly sweet. Girls (and grown women) love monsters too! :-D

Andee- Match the Pictures

Oh the book looks like so much fun! I love the cover picture.


Can't wait looks so cute. Your little boy is so sweet

Carol Lynn

YAY! I am beyond excited for this book. Can we have you back at the Seattle Knitters Guild next year to present it? :)


The $1166 is very tempting just so I would get to see your face :) Super excited to see the new book!


Haha, so glad that's a typo - I'm excited to get this book, it looks super awesome. Congratulations!


Congratulations Rebecca!
This book looks fantastic.
And Presley is a star too :-)


Can't wait for this book! I get the feeling I'll be using it a lot :) I used your monter sewing patten to make a bazillion (ok not really) monsters for my son's 1st birthday in May and these patterns look awesomes. Only a month to wait!

Carol H

Where do you get the rattle for the inside of the round rattles. CH

Karen Gallup

do you really need to bind off the 200 stitches on the ring base and then pick them up again? If so, why?
Is there a place where typos and errata are posted?
Have made 5 things Make that 10 if you count each ring separately and I love them all!

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